A new way to meditate.


For thousands of years meditation has helped people maintain a healthy mind. This is done not only through active relaxation, but also by teaching you to focus helping you to better navigate everyday life.

You are able to work better, come up with more creative ideas, and think things through with a lot of attention to detail. You wake up more fresh and you have more energy.

But, meditation is not easy. There are many amazing apps out there that guide you through it, and even they acknowledge that the ability to focus and relax your mind takes a lot of practice.

What these apps are missing is physicality. Making something physical with your hands allows you to focus your mind on the act of making that object. Combining art with meditation, makes the ability to reach a relaxed state of mind easy and seamless.

Art as a form of meditation isn’t a new idea.

There are art courses that exist, but these aren’t tailored to beginners and often have a level of competitiveness. Many people practice on their own, but it is not formalised for all levels. Beginners who want to create art at home often struggle with where to start, what utensils to buy, and what they should create. Ultimately, the calming activity can become a stressful situation.

Calm Creation takes away all this stress by guiding you through the experience from start to finish, focusing on the way what you are creating makes you feel, rather than the quality of the output.

It should be understood that to make art, you don’t have to be an artist.

Calm Creation aims to combine art, mindfulness, and technology into one wholesome experience.

We will provide relaxing art workshops in a box that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The boxes will include all the materials you need to get started as well as access to our app.

In the Calm Creation app, you will find voice instructions which soothingly guide you through the process of creating art and creating peace of mind.

The app which can be tailored to your personal level will help you develop your skills and track your progress. You can also share your creations, and interact with the Calm Creation community.

Through the use of Calm Creation, realising the benefits of art will be easy. And you will learn additional techniques that can be brought into daily life that help to reduce stress and improve your quality of life.