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Art made simple. Meditation made simpler.




Relaxing Art Packages


Relax with Silk Painting

Silk Painting or commonly known as Batik Painting in Southeast Asia is a traditional form of fabric painting that has been around for centuries. Painting strokes for batik painting is performed on a single breath, which makes you practice the breathing rhythm without even trying

Clear Your Mind with Sculpture

Sculpting is a process that forces you to use your hands, allowing you to connect with the structure you are creating and immerse yourself in the experience. If you allow yourself to get into it, you will find yourself easily transforming to a calm state alongside the transformation of your figure.

Ground yourself with Candles

Candle making is an ancient practice that combines different skills that create a sensory experience. Our beeswax candles are smooth to the touch and can be made with a choice of different calming smells. The careful process required when dealing with hot wax requires patience and attention.


Why Meditate with Art?

Making something physical with your hands, allows you to focus your thoughts into the act of making that object. This is meditation. Meditation helps us deal with stress. However, it is not easy. Combining art with meditation, makes the ability to reach a relaxed state of mind easy and seamless.


Our Story

Calm Creation is born out of ancient traditions focused on art as a form of meditation. Many cultures incorporate different types of art into their daily lives  Traditional art relies on immense attention to detail and a total immersion in the task at hand. This inspired Calm Creation.